Kobe YMCA Yacht Club

Sailing Club in Nishinomiya and Ashiya, Hyogo,Japan.

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  Hello! We are the sailing and cruising club based at Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbour. We do the sailing activities in Nishinomiya, Ashiya, Osaka-bay and Seto-naikai(inner sea).

  • We have several types of yacht which enables all the members to have fun in their ways.

      We have
      Dingy(Snipe)X5, Rescue BoatX1

  • Members of various age group enjoy sailing mostly on Sundays.

  • Schedule
    Feb.-Mar.: Boat Overhaul
    Apr.-Dec.: Season In /Cruising
    Dec.-Jan.: Season Off

  • Other than the club activites, we have long cruising tour on long holidays and throw parties.

Join us!

  New friends of us are always welcome. so Don't hesitate to visit us. Get to the sea together and learn by yourself how wonderful sailing is!
  Wanting for trial only is also welcome. Please contact us prior to your visit by Email  or Application form,  and we will get in touch with you sooner.
  You can also call us. We'd ask you to understand that on days other than our activity days(Sundays and holidays), answer phone will catch your wanting to visit.

 TEL:080-5770-9007(Sunday only)

  You would be requested to pay for your sailing activities as below.
 -Addmisson Fee  20,000yen   Kobe YMCA Member's fee  5,000yen(Every year)

 -Annual fee 60,000yen  ( Total 85,000yen 1st year)  please cotact  us to know more details.


Kobe YMCA Yacht Club
 Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbour
 4-42-2 Nishinomiya-hama,Nishinomiya city, Hyogo, Japan
   Tel  080-5770-9007 (Sunday only ) or our E-mail: kobeymca08manager@yahoo.co.jp

  Buses are available from Hanshin Nishinomiya Station and JR Nishinomiya Station. Buses from Hanshin Station is more frequent.
(4-5 times an hour from the Hanshin station. Only 2 from the JR.) Take a bus to Marina Park City and get off at "Yacht Harbour Mae" bus stop. Our club house is located at the most east end of the harbour, in front of the dingy slope.



32 ft cruiser. Sailing in Osaka bay. On consective days off, further in Wakayama or Setouchi.

34 ft cruiser. Just entered in April, 2007! Sailing in Osaka bay. On consective days off, further in Wakayama or Setouchi.


On summer holidays, go sailing in Tannowa, Awaji-Island. We have our New Home Page!

50 Dingy(Snipe)

2 men racing dingy. Novice to All Japan entrees feel the wind. We have our own HP(Japanese only)
Club House

Salon on the 2nd Floor, yachtyard on the 1st floor. Shower and lavatory are equipped.

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