What is KIVV?


When Yui came back from Holland in April 2008,

the first thing he did other than look for an apartment, was to look for a proper football team !

It was difficult to find a one which satisfied him in terms of the ownership...

It seemed he had no other choice but to join an established team where he could not find many friends.

Then one day, Yui and his friend Moga were chatting at a Yamada Udon shop in Saitama

after a soccer game earlier that day. While slurping down bowls of udon noodles,

the simple thought just came to Moga who was also looking for a strong football team to belong to.

"Why don't we create a team of our own!?"

In August 2008 the team KIVV was established!

KIVV stands for Koishikawa (The name of Yui's High school) and

Inaho (Yui and Moga's football team at Waseda University) and

added Voetbal Vereniging (Dutch for ¡Èfootball team.¡É)

Most KIVV members consist of the above two schools, but not all of them.

We'll basically play in a football match every Saturday.

In principle, we try to have an activity every week.

In addition, we have joined the Bunkyo Ward league from 2009 !!

Our greatest drive is for KIVV's future success.

¢¨ Foreign players with a heart and skills for football are always welcome !!

Please e-mail Yui !!